Fortunately, these reboots of series quickly went to the scrappage

Cinema 14 March, 2017

Repeating a story and continuing it at any cost, in one way or another, rarely remains a good idea. These series have confirmed this.
They almost missed all our good memories. We began to get excited, to see our nostalgia replaced by a kind of visceral disgust, and it was going to eat us from the inside. We do not say thank you to those responsible for these failed reboots. But thanks to those who promptly canceled and arrested them.
Heroes Reborn
At the beginning of the original, in 2006, the subject and the universe were unique, different. Which is a challenge today. Find an idea that does not seem to be a nth already seen a little remixed and adapted. It was even before Christopher Nolan impressed us with his Batman. Here, no cape, superhero, comic book names . For a most convincing result. So why try a reboot to 2 € in 2015? Too many characters, badly constructed more, and a villain who stinks the shit. No, no way. Phew was quickly cut short.
Beverly Hills Cop
The creators surely said, “It’s in the old pots that we make the best jams, do not we?” And hop, boom, idea of ​​genius: to spit a police series (it is the fashion) based on the adventures of Axel Foley. This uncontrollable, crazy cop and yet effective, embodied Eddy Murphy in movies 90s . Except that there, the plan was to do something with Shawn Ryan, creator of “The Shield”, “The Chicago Code” and “Last Resort”. That is, serious and dramatic stuff. A hair opposite the original spirit, mid-comedy-mi action. We escaped, thank you.
$ 200 plus expenses
In the 1970s, this former detainee who was the victim of a miscarriage of justice who became a private detective was successful. Then the NBC, in search of program, said: why not? Produced by Steve Carrell, the series would have installed Dermot Mulroney as protagonist. Above all, the series ( “The Rockford Files” in VO) was intended household 50, bah yeah, meanwhile, since their twenties, they have aged , like everyone else. Fortunately, the pilot was so faulty that the guys ended the delirium right away. Without being a businessman, because some would like to make a film, with Vince Vaughn.
The Osbournes
After four seasons to follow the lively life of the rocker’s family, we had more or less made the tour. Well, we’re not going to lie. The episodes had already been going on for so long. Shit, I said aloud. In short, in 2015, to celebrate the tenth anniversary, the creators were sure we wanted to start again, we expected a reboot . No. Ozzy has not done anything since, his children logically barred from the family home, Sharon and Kelly are working on another series … And then no, we just did not feel like it. No need for explanations.
Funny ladies
The 1970s (Charlie’s Angels) was a boxboard, and the films that were drawn afterwards respected the spirit. Some pretty girls, but not that. Of humor, an alchemy between them, a charismatic boss, nested stories … In 2011, ABC has managed to collect three actually beautiful women. But otherwise, move along, there’s nothing to see . Besides, the viewers have circulated on their own, without further ado, rather quickly. So much so that the series was stopped after only four episodes.
The Flintstones
The creator of “American Dad”, “Les Griffin” (“Family Guy” in VO) was hot. Boiling. Seth MacFarlane had always loved the Flintstones, so bringing his paw in a reboot was a big challenge. And a pleasure. Unless one knows his penchant for humor and the construction of a family in the grip of a father a tad heavy . Then the director of the Fox told him the bottom of his thoughts about his plans for Caillouville: “it’s going, but I’m not a fan”. Basically. End of the story. Finally, it’s not bad plans that fall to the water sometimes?