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In 2002, Liberation, had dedicated a portrait to the star of the year yéyé, France Gall. Ten years after the disappearance of Michel Berger, the singer was allowed a few spades to his rival, Véronique Sanson.

In 2002, it had been ten years since Michel Berger died of a heart attack. To honor him, the newspaper Liberation had gone to the meeting of the singer and companion of the performer, France Gall. In preparing its bore, the duck we learned that France Gall had kept the tooth hard against Véronique Sanson.

Fifteen years of love with France Gall versus a short romance with the interpreter, of My reverence, Michel Berger had made his choice. After the death of the singer, however, the interpreter Doll of wax, doll of sound was not appreciated the attitude of his rival. “I’ve had problems with false widows Michel, Véronique (Sanson, editor’s note), Luc Plamondon” was amused to tell. Release details the anger that the singer has réfrénée when Véronique Sanson singing the texts of Michel Berger in memory of their love of youth. However, the interpreter Need person has left Michel Berger overnight. “I left a little word, I said to him:” I come down, I’m going to get cigarettes “, ” she explained to Laurent Delahousse One day, a destiny October 9, 2016. She never came back.

Since the death of France Gall, Véronique Sanson has locked herself in the silence. Their last contact dates back to the year 1994, when they performed a duet of the song The groupie of the pianist on the tv show Taratata (France 2). In 2012, Véronique Sanson had said to the antenna of Europe 1 that the media have invented this rivalry of any room. “It has distorted our about to pull heart’s content “, she explained before you make another assumption about this so-called blurs. “We have not at all kept in contact, even if it was very close at a given time. For my part in any case, this is not because I don’t want to ! One has to be afraid unconsciously all of the two that we refiche Michel Berger in the legs“.

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