France Gall, betrayed by the mother of Babacar ? The singer “would have been very sad and angry” – Gala

Entertainment 14 January, 2018


Our colleagues from Paris have collected the testimony of Rama, a Senegalese came to pay tribute to France Gall on the day of his burial. She made confidences amazing about Babacar.

His name is inseparable from that of France Gall. Released in 1987, the album entitled ” Babacar becomes the biggest hit of France Gall. The disc bears the name of the “sons of adoption” of the singer, a baby, met in Dakar in 1985. During this first trip to Senegal, the artist made the acquaintance of Fatou, a young mother, destitute, who asks him to take care of her son. The singer refuses and prefers to assist the mom by financing his studies of seamstress so that she gives herself a better future for his child. Our confreres of Paris reveals a much less optimistic.

Our colleagues have met Rama, a woman in senegal who explained that France Gall has changed his life. ” She hosted, she introduced me to the right people and without it I will not be coming to France where I am happy with my husband and my three children “ says Rama, who was moved to tears on the day of the funeral of the singer. She confides then on Babacar and gives his version of the facts.

“I’ve known when Babacar is entered into his life, it was almost thirty years old. I have a son the same age and France had asked me to take care of Babacar as the mom of the little boy was too often absent, ” said Rama. According to her, the mother of Babacar ” has not complied with the contract “: a situation which would render France Gall ” very sad and angry.” She had had no news of the child for years, now lives in the Montmartre cemetery by the side of Michel Berger and his daughter Pauline. Woman of heart, she leaves a lasting memory to those who have known in Africa.

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