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Entertainment 1 February, 2018


When France Gall won the Eurovision contest in 1695, his joy is only short-term : Claude Francois leaves. The couple is reformed by the result, but the competition still haunts : a rumor that the singer has had an affair with an Italian for the tv show.

This Wednesday, January 31, was leaving France Gall : love, songs and tears, a book of Alain Wordrascka tracing the life of France Gall, the re-edition plus Douce France released in 2015. The biographer specializing in the French song (he signed biographies of Johnny Hallyday, Jacques Brel, and Francis Cabrel) follows the professional path and love of the interpreter of Ella, she has it, and hides nothing of the difficult times of his life – as his return from the Eurovision contest in 1965, who would have had to be happy after his victory, but turned into a nightmare because of Claude François, and a rumor insistent.

After winning the Eurovision, France Gall, returns in tears from Naples : Claude François has left, because of his delivery.”You sang wrong, you have been defeated ! Since it is such, it is finished between us !” he has t-he said after his victory. The singer begs him for more than two hours, in front of his apartment, so that they become a couple. He ended up accepting, in the face of the “tears of his bride of 17 years”. But Eurovision would bring new sorrows to France Gall.

“Some time later, a rumor spreads : France Gall would have had an adventure, flirtation with an Italian singer for the Eurovision contest. When it reaches to the ears of Claude François, it lies in Belgium in the company of his secretary. “I can read all of the sadness of the world in her eyes, says Christian Morise [the secretary] in the past, its disarray is real. Despite the late hour, it requires to return immediately to Paris. I take a full in a service station to call discreetly at the apartment of the boulevard Exelmans, where France is waiting. Knowing Claude, I beg to leave before our return. We arrive in the early hours of the day. Claude enters the apartment like a tornado. France did not listen to me, she is there. A violent argument broke out as I walked up the suitcases, and a pair of picnic candles that Claude – art-lover – was purchased in an antique shop. It takes a that he tosses him in the face. She avoids him and the object completes his mad dash against the wall leaving a trace visible. Then taking the measure of the situation, France chose to run away. I try to bring Claude at the result in him, barring the passage, but my intervention has little effect. He rushes to his pursuit of the stairs. Outside, he sees it flowing in the street. Claude rushes into the Mustang and I am. The car slaloms between the pegs provided for the installation of the market. Gone mad, he seeks to overthrow it. I pulled on the steering wheel to prevent him from committing the irreparable. I do not know exactly how things happened, but France eventually and thankfully disappear “. Claude François, France Gall does not disperse until two years later, when the singer finally managed to free themselves from the yoke of the author As usual.

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