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Entertainment 14 January, 2018


For nearly five years, France Gall and Julien Clerc have formed a couples group of French artists of the 70’s. A relationship that has saved the career of the singer.

Despite the complexity of their love story, this relationship will have had some virtues. At the end of the 60’s, France Gall has a hard time to find a second breath of art. After the period yéyé who has made known, the young singer became the first lolita French singing Lollipops, composed for her by Serge Gainsbourg. Popularity gained without his knowledge and in the scandal. The singer relocates to germany, where she tries out different collaborations (Joe Dassin, Etienne Roda-Gil and Jacques Lanzmann) but is struggling to find his style.

In 1969, France Gall goes to the theatre de la Porte-Sainte-Martin to see a performance of the musical Hair. In the lead role, Julien Clerc shines. Love at first sight for the singer who decides to wait for him every evening to the output of the artists in his Porsche to start operation seduction. The young singer falls under the spell. Their connection is revealed in December 1969 by Salut Les Copains, under the title :France and Julien duo for a romance.

“We were young. I was a little unconscious at that time… I didn’t really pay attention to his career. Me, I was tracing. We were two well-known people, of the same age. “Hi buddies” took us in hand and we did a few subjects charm, including a trip to Marrakech. Our history is a nice souvenir… ” says Julien Clerc. But while the career of the singer off, one of France Gall falls into disuse.

“In 1971, I hit rock bottom in making a photo-novel with my brothers. The next step, it was the erotic film… ” she explains. Fortunately, its torque glamour allows him to stay on the front of the media scene. Together, they pose for the number 62 of the magazine Mademoiselle age tendre. The name of France Gall continues to resonate in spite of his difficulties of art. However, the beautiful lives in the shadow of Julien Clerc decides to hide their romance under the influence of its managers. France Gall must be discreet, up to wear wigs when she goes to concerts of his companion… In 1974, France Gall leaves Julien Clerc. The beautiful is already under the spell of Michel Berger.


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