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Entertainment 9 January, 2018

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In the Face of a discography comprised of nuggets which have marked the public several generation, Raphaël Hamburger, sole heir to the musical heritage of his parents, will quickly find themselves faced with important choices.

The announcement of the death of France Gall died of cancer, this Sunday, the internet users have immediately thought of the album that will follow. If they have above all the opportunity to laugh at a new time of M Pokora, this issue is still relevant. At the time of the albums of covers of hits of the past decades, We all have something to Johnny to Souchon in the air, many artists want to interpret the tubes de France Gall and Michel Berger.

In the newspaper 20 Minutes, the former press officer of the couple, Grégoire Colard has already a few ideas : “I can well imagine Vianney, Julien Doré or Louane take them back to their sauce “. While the author and journalist Didier Varrot stresses the relevance of such a project : “The young generation in search of the sounds of the 80s-90s, which explains that Juliette Armanet or group Empress claim of Berger and Gall “.

One thing is for sure, it is Raphaël Hamburger, sole heir to the musical heritage of his parents, France Gall and Michel Berger, who will be in charge of allowing, or not, the times. A heavy responsibility that the discreet man of 36 years has not decided to comment for the moment.


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