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Entertainment 1 February, 2018


When she died the 7th of January last at the age of 70 years, France Gall is still in the hearts of the French. A biography written by Alain Wodrascka has just published in the editions of the Archipelago. We learn in particular that she refused to kiss Alain Delon in a film.

“Love, songs and tears “, here’s how to sum up the life of France Gall, through a biography written by Alain Wodrascka. The author chronicles his existence, his loves, his career but also his fight against the disease.

In fifty years of career, the interpreter of “Resists” has chained the projects, between the stage and life more personal away from the cinema. The singer has never made an appearance on the big screen despite the many proposals. In 1968, for example, John Herman said Jean Vautrin (director and screenwriter) had proposed to play alongside Alain Delon in the film “Farewell, the friend” came out in 1968. But as reported by Alain Wodrascka, the companion of Claude François at that time declined the offer : “I refused because he had to kiss Alain Delon and that I had a boy-friend at the time, so that it is one of the most beautiful men that I have had the opportunity to meet. It is a bit of a ‘beast” at that age”, said it in the show “Fréquenstar” in April 1993. The role of Dominique was awarded to Brigitte Fossey.

And this is not the only refusal of France Gall. The love of her life Michel Berger had also proposed a film project. Umpteenth of his hand because she “hated to play the comedy,” as she explained on Radio Nostalgia. It will, therefore, have never succumbed to the call of the seventh item

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