Franck Dubosc : his mother in a wheelchair was the inspiration for his next film Gala

Health 4 July, 2017


Franck Dubosc is in the process of shooting his first film as a director, everyone standing up. A story on disability, inspired by his mother who lives in a wheelchair.

The hellion Franck Dubosc, the comedian who made laugh the audience with his sketches or in the swimsuit Patrick Chirac has chosen a sensitive topic and very personal for his first directorial. In All the world standing, that it is currently in the process of turning the side of Pontoise, in the Val d’oise, it deals with the theme of disability. Franck Dubosc, who also plays in the film, interprets a business man, a little playboy who one day made to believe a woman that he is disabled and quickly in a wheelchair. The situation becomes more complicated when the lady presents him with his sister (played by Alexandra Lamy), actually have to move about in a wheelchair.

This morning in Le Parisien, Franck Dubosc explains why he has chosen to deal, in the form of comedy, this delicate subject. “My mother is in a wheelchair, and I often think all we can do, despite the armchair,” he says. He adds: “I was strolling with my mother, I was also thinking that in the cinema, we often see people walk side-by-side in the street, and that two people in wheelchairs can’t move forward on a sidewalk next to one of the other“.

The fans of Franck Dubsoc rest assured, it is well on the tone of humor that the question of disability is addressed. “I never wanted to-nor a farcical comedy or a drama, but a comedy sincere, “says the neo-director.


Franck Dubosc, Alexandra Lamy

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