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Entertainment 30 January, 2018

franck dubosc

Franck Dubosc is the dad of two sons, Milhan, and Raphael, aged 7 and 5 years old. If they have requested to watch the movies Cmaping, the two boys are a judgment rather severely on the status of their father.

In true papa hen, Franck Dubosc picked up here and there and a few family photos on the social networks. The comedian, 54-year-old could not help but confide in interview on his two sons, Milhan, and Raphael, aged 7 and 5 years old. On the other hand, the latter “don’t care” of the fame of their daddy, that has brought him his sketch, and especially its movies, Camping, real popular. They have also watched his movies… and they were not worshipped.

“My work takes me away from them, they still find it difficult to appreciate something that takes away their dad “, explained Frank Dubosc, during an interview with Tv 2 weeks published on Tuesday, January 30. More precisely, Camping 3 a “laugh” his greatest, while the youngest has “asked to see Camping”. We don’t know more.

Emerveillé by the pupils of his eyes, Franck Dubosc has posted on instagram in December 2016, the list to father Christmas written, by Raphael. The command is long, we could read among others, a chess board, toys and knights, action figures, or even cars for children. All this formed a true concentrate of mignonnerie.

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Franck Dubosc

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