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Entertainment 10 January, 2018


If all is today very well for François Cluzet, currently the poster of the film, Normandy Naked, released in theaters on January 10, the actor will never erase completely the memory of the death of his ex-girlfriend nor the impact that this tragedy has had on the life of his son, Paul.

François Cluzet is a happy man. His career is in good shape, the woman he loves, accompanies it in its daily travels and the great family he founded is doing very well. From Wednesday, 10 January, the hero of the Untouchables is to be found in addition to displays a new feature: Normandy in the Nude, a comedy focusing on the difficulties encountered by the actors of the agricultural world. A good period, so, for this father of a family who, in the past, had nevertheless known of the dark hours. As this sad day of 2003 when his ex-girlfriend, the actress Marie Trintignant, lost his life under the blows of her partner, the singer Bertrand Cantat. If this drama was very important to the actor, he also had a terrible impact on the life of his son, Paul, now 23 years old.

“He was cut off from his brothers,” confided François Cluzet Catherine Ceylac during her stint in the show Tea or Coffee, on France 5. According to the actor, this boy born of the relationship with Marie Trintignant was far from Novel, Leon and Jules, the three other sons of the actress died at the age of 41 years. “The siblings became separated. I took it with me immediately after the tragedy. Today, it is a beautiful boy who wants to become a writer. “To the side of his father and of his family rendered the young man was able to build in an environment where he was loved and accepted. It has thus evolved to the side of a new sibling. The one made up of different children of Francois Cluzet and his wife Narjiss. Paul has learned to know Kenzie, White, Joseph and Marguerite. About him, the mother of the two youngest children of the family, the actress Valérie Bonneton, confided in turn to Catherine Ceylac: “It’s a boy that I like a lot. It is someone very sensitive like her mom, which I loved. It moves me when I think of it and when I think of Paul. He looks like him a lot, the sensitivity, the kindness, it is someone who is deeply good.”


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