Francois Fillon admitted that the issue of Karine Le Marchand was “unquestionably” helped win

Entertainment 22 November, 2016

The program “An intimate ambition” presented by Karine Lemarchand M6 hosted many presidential candidates function. Among them, Francois Fillon, who explains how the program has played in its success in the first round of the primary right.

francois-fillonHe easily won the first round of the primary to the right, according to him, Karine Lemarchand there would not be for nothing. Francois Fillon has ruled that the show Intimate Ambition broadcast on M6 was “undoubtedly” played in his favor. “Judging by the number of responses was huge” , told the newspaper Le Parisien that which will face Alain Juppé in the second round. The former prime minister said he loved his meeting with the presenter, between “subtle” and “humor” .
Yet Karine Lemarchand has not hesitated to tease him about his eyebrows, but the politician has played the card of the franchise, without ever seeming destabilized. Of the show, the automotive enthusiast keeps only one regret: “I missed the story on pasta with sausage that I sometimes cook the evening with family … This gave the impression my culinary level was very low. ” But this kind of anecdote often plays in the favor of the one who reveals the sincerity. ” viewers anyway discovered I had other passions in life that policy. I think that balance is a quality. I’m not consumed by the obsession of power. ”
The other protagonist of the show, Karine Lemarchand, has also given its opinion on RTL: “When I watched the show, I saw that something was happening in François Fillon. There really was a reaction of the people on what touched them. ‘Ah, but it was a dunce at school’ ‘But what’s funny!’ “But what it is beautiful too! ‘ When I released a Ambition Intimate , one said ‘François Fillon will be in third or fourth place,’ so it’s crazy! ”
During the same program, is the daughter of François Fillon, Mary, who was greatly attracted Internet users, especially on Twitter. A girl he had with his wife, Penelope, who is gradually emerging from the shadows to support her husband in the race for the Presidential.