François Fillon almost lost his life during his honeymoon

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

François Fillon and his wife Penelope were victims of a serious car accident during their honeymoon. An episode that Christine Kelly recounts in his book François Fillon. Scenes of a climb (Archipelago).
They said yes thirty-six years ago. François Fillon was twenty-six, and Penelope Kathryn Clarke twenty-four their civil marriage was celebrated May 31, 1980 in Sable-sur-Sarthe by Joël Le Theule, mayor of the town and old friend of the family. In Wales, on 28 June 1980, the religious ceremony was conducted with the utmost respect for traditions.
All would have been the best in the best of worlds, if an accident had not occurred to tarnish their honeymoon as related christine Kelly in his biographer François Fillon. Scenes of a climb (Archipelago) The newlyweds took effect in the direction of Spain for their honeymoon. ” They keep a very marked souvenir of their journey: the victims of a car accident, their vehicle fell into a ravine ,” writes Christine Kelly, a former member of the CSA who now heads the Media Villa (future museum of the media). ” More fear than harm, but their stay will be shortened those days spent in hospital to treat their bruises. Upon his return, the couple moved rue Lecourbe, fifteenth arrondissement of Paris, in an apartment of 70 m2 they will keep until 1983. they also dwell in the Sarthe in 1981 “.