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Entertainment 27 August, 2017


Then he was granted a peaceful holiday in Iceland, François Fillon has made a surprise by the French in an outfit a little unconventional.

Since his defeat in the first round of the primary on the right side, in April last, and the thunderous PénélopeGate, François Fillon had disappeared from the sphere of the media, before reappearing, in July last, when a small party organised in Paris by the militants. The former Prime minister took advantage of this interlude to take a family vacation. In his fief sarthois first, before flying to Iceland, and Tuscany. What do the empty before embracing a career in the private sector.

It is the country of “the land of ice”, more than 3 000 km of Paris, that the French have met. Then they were to enjoy the benefits of the hot springs of the Blue Lagoon, located not far from the capital Reykjavik, one of them recognized the man policy. “But it is François Fillon !” would he have exclaimed, as recounted in the Sunday Newspaper.

What you need to know is thatin Iceland, you do not mess with the body hygiene. Everyone is forced to shower naked before you can bask in the pool heated to 39 °C, by the volcanic activity of the island. It is, therefore, little outfit, just like his wife, the former presidential candidate has praised the small family. A meeting for the less confusing it will long be remembered.

François Fillon

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