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Entertainment 12 October, 2017


What becomes of François Fillon since the failure in the presidential election ? Our colleagues of BFM TV have carried out the investigation on his new life and his job in the private sector.

What is François Fillon ? Since his failure in the presidential election, François Fillon withdrew from political life and resumed the path of the Sarthe, where he lived many years, before having to settle in Paris because of its activities at the national level. And if some have had the chance to bump into him on holiday in Italy, with a beard well-stocked as a novelty, the former prime minister had until now preferred to be discreet.

But our colleagues of BFM have found the old PM. Spent in the private sector, he took English lessons, and travel a lot. It is his well filled address-book which would have seduced her employer. For his new job, the former politician would be paid over 10,000 euros per month. On the plateau of Jean-Jacques Bourdin last, there had been controversy in explaining not being able to put money aside despite his salary of a few of 23,000 euros per month. According to its latest statement of heritage in 2016, the then candidate of the right in the presidential election was won 275.000 euros in 2016, a little more than 22.900 euros per month (a part came from his consulting business, the other from his mandate of member of parliament).

And when he is not traveling for his business, mr Francois Fillon, drives a luxury car, his passion… all-consuming. Driver, François Fillon and his wife were photographed at the edge of a sublime Aston Martin. François Fillon remains under investigation in the case of suspicions of ‘ghost’ employees.

Francis and Penelope Fillon parade in Aston Martin

— Paris Match (@ParisMatch) 10 October 2017

Photo credits : Twitter @JeunesFillon_45

François Fillon

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