Francois Fillon: His namesake, harassed, gets angry on Twitter

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

A reporter gets angry on Twitter and because we confuse it with François Fillon who just won the primary right.

francoisfillon2016” Stop arrêtez.Je’m not @FrancoisFillon. Stop your messages, your calls, SMS. Thank you to read the profiles before tweeter ” got upset namesake Francois Fillon via his Twitter account. Harassed by the press and various fans, the man received a rain of messages and calls that concern not at all. in fact, it François Fillon there is the editorial director of social magazine Viva magazine. A journalist working for almost 20 years, which has been publishing the chief Progress. Nothing to do so, with political speeches. ” Should I change to such a number, I am assailed. I changed my name on Facebook. What for?” , he has posted on Twitter Amused, some netizens have him still makes a nod and a few jokes to lighten the mood.