François Hollande owes his love story with Julie Gayet to Jean-Pierre Mocky

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

In an interview to the magazine VSD , director Jean-Pierre Mocky told that it was he who had introduced Julie Gayet François Hollande, during a night at the theater.
He was a little secret to them. Director Jean-Pierre Mocky, to whom we owe Death to the referee (1984), a friend with François Hollande, but also with actress Julie Gayet, has confirmed in an interview with VSD , that he had allowed the couple to meet, there are three.
‘ C ‘ is me that indirectly have submitted Julie Gayet an evening at the theater , ” he said, proud to be at the origin of this presidential love story. ” We were between actors, and Francois Hollande arrived. There was an exchange between him and Julie Gayet ” he had already confided on BFM TV last year.
The movie man, 83 years old, speaks today of Julie Gayet as a “friend” even though their first meeting was first given him the memory of a woman a little too cold and “authoritarian ” . Moreover, it should take the lead role of his next film, alongside Gérard Depardieu . ” The film was inspired us by a true story that occurred in Costa Rica. Gerard will play the role of the gardener of the Elysée that removes the president after discovering that he had a mistress , ” he says, facetious. ” Julie knows that soon his jules is no longer in power . C ‘is an intelligent actress, she joined our idea. ”