François Hollande: released, released, he goes out every night

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

Since he decided not to stand for the presidency of the Republic, François Hollande multiplies cultural excursions as detailed in Le Parisien .
Francois Hollande’s official agenda has not been untidy since he announced he would not stand again. It also ensures that its balance sheet is the best defended possible. But the president now agrees more cultural brackets. The fact that it goes applaud Michel Drucker on stage in “… only with you” , instead of watching the second debate of the primary of the Beautiful People’s Alliance , caused a stir. Hollande also held recently to go see Josiane Balasko in ” The broken woman” , as revealed in Le Parisien yesterday.
And the daily newspaper list the recent artistic encounters that offered the head of state. As the lunch with the cartoonists, Lolita Séchan , daughter of Renaud and author of “The Mists of Sapa ” (Delcourt) or Christophe Blain, author of ” Quai d’Orsay ” (Editions Dargaud) or the other Meeting at the Center Pompidou with the winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize.
The president, advised by his companion actress Julie Gayet , also intends to applaud Jacques Gamblin in his new jazz show. If he leaves more room for these cultural and musical breaths, Francois Hollande seems however only one objective for the next few weeks: that his five-year term ends without false note.