Françoise Hardy aged 73: her most beautiful photos with Jacques Dutronc

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

The singer Françoise Hardy is now 73 years old. The opportunity to review the most beautiful shots of his mythical couple with Jacques Dutronc.

Françoise Hardy is now 73 years old. The opportunity to return images on her love story, both beautiful and terrible with Jacques Dutronc.
“I always felt privileged. Including in my sentimental life. I had the chance to love a man who was so worth it , ” confesses the singer in an interview with Gala in early January . Thomas Dutronc and Françoise Hardy are united by the same passion, that of music. Their love story begins in 1967. On the television sets, or in the evening at Castel-Maxim’s, both lovers breathe tenderness and complicity. In 1973, their only son, Thomas, was born. The couple married in Monticello in Corsica, eight years later.
But their relationship gradually disappears. “Q hen one is young, jealousy and possessiveness pretty spoil things” , admits Françoise Hardy. In the late 1990s, they decided to live separately, he in Corsica it in Paris. They do not divorce. Sometimes find the time for a concert on the plateau Sunday Deeply in 2001, for example.
When Françoise Hardy is in a coma in 2015 , Jacques Dutronc believes lost. “He always believed he would die before me, so that’s always a phoenix rising from the ashes, like his friends Johnny and Eddy  ! Explains the miracle. Personally, I do not think I would survive him long , he disappears before me. ” A beautiful declaration of love.