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Entertainment 18 December, 2017


On the occasion of the documentary Dutronc, life in spite of himself, his wife Françoise Hardy is back on the relationship the singer has with another woman.

He has remade his life. She is still in love with him. Between Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy, feelings defy all the laws and the counter-currents. Last Friday, France 3 broadcast Dutronc, life in spite of himself, a documentary chronicling the life and career of the performer of It is five o’clock, Paris awakens. The director gave the floor to the singer and his wife, Françoise Hardy. This last has returned on the relationship between Jacques Dutronc and the one who is now sharing his life.

“I am glad it is with someone who is able to do for him all that I am no longer able to do so. I am at an age where everything gets complicated, and difficult. I have a lot of trouble to me to take care of me, then me to take care of him… ” confessed Francoise Hardy’s le Figaro about Sylvie Duval, the girlfriend of Jacques Dutronc, but it is still legally her husband. In November 2016, the singer had already mentioned the relationship between her husband and the makeup artist whom he had met in 1997 on the set of the Place Vendôme. Thanks to a complicity without limit, Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc appear to be related to ever.

“We are in permanent contact, but as it is in Corsica and me in Paris, we communicate by e-mail,” explained the mother of Thomas Dutronc. Françoise Hardy assures us : between her and her husband, ” there’s a lot of affection, tenderness, esteem, admiration “. “When one has lived with someone the best years of his life, the link is indestructible. It is still the man of my life. From very far away. When I almost die, I know that he said that I was the woman of his life… “. The mythical couple is not ready to fade.

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Françoise Hardy AndJacques Dutronc

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