Françoise Hardy tells her morphine panic attacks

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

In full promotion of his book, unauthorized review , the singer Françoise Hardy returned to his hospitalization in 2015. Weakened by cancer, she had slipped into a coma after a bad fall.

francoise-hardySurvivor. At 72 years, Françoise Hardy has fought for nearly a decade against lymphoma , a cancer of the lymphatic system. While she was in remission, she had a bad fall in 2015 and fell into a coma. A tragedy for his family: doctors do not give him long to live. Eventually, by clinging to the love of his son, Thomas , she will manage to get by. Today, health problems seem far behind , though painful memories remain.
On the set of a whole program, on Thursday 24 November on France 2, the singer is remembered the difficult experience of hospitalization. ” I realized that very large doses of morphine that we m ‘had administered really changed a lot of things in my head, because I ‘ve had several extreme panic attacks ” , she recounted. Episodes of which the interpreter of all boys and girls and does not remember very partially, but aroused much concern in his entourage. ” It m ‘reported that j ‘ called my mother, my father – that j ‘have poorly understood – and my sister, who I m hears so badly … There I said I really lost my head! ”
Today it continues promoting his book unauthorized review , she was brutally interrupted last year because of his accident. Smiling and relaxed, she regained her joy of living, and entrusts all around her, she is a real ” miracle ” .