Françoise Laborde : For the sake of a feminist, she did not rule out returning to television after the CSA Gala

Entertainment 25 August, 2017


Before joining the Conseil Supérieur de l’audiovisuel, Françoise Laborde, the sister of Catherine Laborde, was at France Télévisions. Today, after two years of absence, it does not exclude the possibility of returning to present emissions. Explanations of its projects Téléstar.

Françoise Laborde is not an unknown to the viewers in French, although his sister Catherine Laborde, host of the weather, he stole the show on screens with a rivalry very marked in the press. In fact, Françoise Laborde has long evolved in France Télévisions. Reporter integrated first to France 3 and France 2 in 1994, she has presented a variety of programs, such as, for example, The 4 truths, or even been editor-in-chief of Télématin in 1997. She is then directed to the Superior Council of the Audiovisual industry in 2015, intervening in particular in the case of the hoax homophobic Cyril Hanouna. This Thursday the 24th of August yet, one that is passionate about social causes, the equality of women and fight gender stereotypes, for example, does not exclude the idea of a return to television. Through his fights.

If I had to redo the tv, I would try to work around the place of women. Also, I co-founded the association ” For Women in the media “, she explained to Téléstar. Projects that didn’t surprise really, in view of the many implications of this passionate advocate of equality, to the frank talk and the feather burned in the fire. His efforts have earned them a Legion of Honor ceremony in march in Paris last of the hand Laurence Rossignol, who was, at the time, minister of Families, Children and women’s Rights.


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Françoise Laborde

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