Frankly, if these series come back today, we watch them direct

Cinema 21 April, 2017

Knowing that we’ve already seen them, eh. One only wants to go back hours, with their characters and their delusions. In binge watching mode.
We are ready to pass on the outfits and haircuts, sign that we really like them. Because we are not going to lie either, it was a bit lollipop sometimes the 90s. But at least the guys were creative, inventing things. Whether it’s music (hip-hop, grunge), cinema (special effects), in our life (internet): quite a few devolutions took place in the 90’s. Here we focus on the best series, the ones we would look at again from beginning to end if they were to go back (completely and in the right direction, eh, not like the police series on TF1 at random) on TV or on Netflix.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
According to the credits that sends pate, she is the “elected” of her generation, she “will face the vampires, demons and force of the evil”. Aloooors, what are you gonna do? Yeah, you can get carried away when you’re a kid, deep inside. Today, we would be calmer, of course. But Buffy Summers, the high school girl who defies the vampires, and this series where we had a perfect mix : action, horror, comedy, romance, and even a fighting hair in martial arts mode.
No feint, no false suspense. It is a direct balance, and everyone understands why. How do you dodge the series we grew up with? While Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe were doing the same, in Manhattan? A sitcom like we love them, funny, lively, which makes us spend a good time. 10 seasons? Yes, and then, when one loves one does not count.
Angela, 15 years old
Only one season, but 19 episodes of 44 minutes. So not nothing, actually. A teenage thing, it’s clear, since you’re Angela (boom, the title is well done) and her states of fluctuating souls. And when you are yourself in this state of mind, you feel understood , it helps you , you want to know how the characters manage … And it is also there that we discovered Claire Danes and Jared Leto, still.
The Prince of Bel-Air
Aaaah, serious, unforgettable! The bars that were typed in front of TV note (cathode ray tube) thanks to this series. A young person from the poor suburbs of Philadelphia landed at his uncle, Phil Banks, and his wealthy family. A change of world, Bel-Air is something else! Will Smith exploded with his role as … Will , and we still remember Carlton’s dances.
Sabrina, the apprentice witch
From 1997 onwards, in France, on France 2 screens first, then other channels more obscure (Canal J, Filles TV and Gulli). Sabrina was “normal” until her 16th birthday, when she discovered her magical powers . Coached by her two aunts, but far from her simple mortal mother, she learns to master her gifts. And talk with the cat, Salem, quiet. In addition to Sabrina’s special assignments, you also saw how she got into high school and all the problems of that age.
Already because we do not get tired of it. Reese’s bullshit, Dewey’s manipulations, Malcolm’s whimper, Francis’s follies, Jane’s anger and Hal ‘s bumps … What a champion in the family! And now, it would be even more crazy to see Bryan Cranston again in his role as a family father, benet, who undergoes the law of his wife, after seeing him completely possessed in Breaking Bad.
Married, two children
To get a little out of the classic teenage stories, nothing better. This series with the very special family father Al Bundy was a kind of accelerated training to become a beauf . Sitting in the couch, hand in the calbar, rasping, inattentive towards his wife or his kids, always a binouz in the other hand (the one that is free): the portrait of the guy that all women dream. Do like him and you’re not near sin. Which would you like to see again at all costs?