Frederic Delavega soon separated, what will happen during these last months in duet?

Entertainment 4 April, 2017

Their separation was announced several months ago, yet Frero Delavega are still present. What do they reserve for you in the next few months?
We can still remember this end of year 2016 … While Vianney released his eponymous album and Bruno Mars was sending a dream with his 24 carats of magic in the air, it was quite different for Frero Delavega. The duo we have followed in recent years has split our hearts with the DVD Shadows and lights . Small flashback and abstract … While we were expecting to relive their exceptional concert at the Olympia with a good big pack of popcorn in their hands, we just took out a huge pack of handkerchiefs to dry the tears that were coming ( Almost without exaggeration ). Yes … The singers announced the dreaded separation . Here, after years of discovery, a remarkable passage to The Voice and two albums, The Frero Delavega decided to take different paths . But beware, impossible to abandon their public overnight, they are determined to close this chapter in the rules of the art .
Who would have thought that the two friends of Arcachon would be among the best sellers of the moment and would even be at the top of the top albums on several occasions? As they began to make a name on YouTube, the Frero Delavega saw their career take off with The Voice. Except that it is well known, all good things have an end. As we explained earlier, the two friends decided to put an end to this great adventure, but they do it well. In addition to having booked a nice gift to their fans by releasing the reissue of their latest album , the guys will go once again on the roads to find their audience. They will spend in the biggest cities of France from March 10, Not to mention an exceptional date at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris on April 7 (yes it promises to be a sick concert) . The der der der will be in Bordeaux, symbolic city since it is here that everything began. Will you see them live?
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