Frero Delavega: Jeremy Frerot launches in the cinema

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

The Frero Delavega adventure ends, another begins for Jeremy Frerot. The musician integrates the cast of the next comedy of Fabien Onteniente to whom one must in particular “Camping”. The beginning of a long acting career?
The pair of Delavega frero separate to dedicate himself to “personal projects”. Start a family with his girlfriend Nathalie Doco for Florian Delavega. We now know a little more about the ambitions of his acolyte Jeremy Frérot : he started in film. The musician appears in the cast of the next film of Fabien Onteniente. The director of the saga Camping gave the information to the VSD magazine.
In his next feature film, entitled 100% organic , Jeremy Frérot will play Mikael, “a very cool surfer, very close to the anti-globalization. ” He will be the son of a Basque butcher and a hairdresser independence encamped by Christian Clavier and Josiane Balasko . The return of Mikael’s sister, pregnant with her vegan companion, will sow the zizanie in the family. “The meeting between this Parisian bobo and this charcutier will be explosive. The vegetarian will undergo tests worthy of Koh Lanta! ” Prevents Fabien Onteniente.
With his long hair and his relaxed style, we can imagine Jérémy Frérot in this role of alterglobalist sportsman. It only remains for him to prove that he has as much talent on the screen, a surf under his arm, as on stage, guitar in hand. Meanwhile, the musician continues to occur until June 2017 , before the final separation of the group fréro delavega .