Game of Thrones Season 6: Resurrection of Jon Snow, death of SPOILER … The worst and the best of 2016!

Cinema 25 December, 2016

The season 7 of Game of Thrones arrives in a few months and until then, little recap ‘of the best and the worst of this year!
The winter is here and the wait continues until the Stark, Daenerys and others return. So we informed you there is little that a spin-off was officially in development for Game of Thrones , now is the last season we will talk to you. Who says year-end balance sheet and said time of Game of Thrones will not escape because it offered us a rather rough season 6 . So we propose a little recap ‘the best and the worst of what we saw on HBO and of course you invite to share in the comments what you loved in this season – or what made you wince .. .
The best: the resurrection of Jean Neige
We start with the biggest buzz of the year that has been talked about in the newspapers, on the internet and on TV in more countries than we can name: the resurrection of Jon Snow. It was predictable, it was a little big, but we still talked about it for months before, stabbed to death by his own men, Jon Snow was resurrected by Melisandre not in the first but in the second episode of the season . In other words, HBO knocked hard and we are not about to forget this famous scene where Jon reopens the eyes.
The best: the death of Ramsay Bolton
Another moment that was particularly appreciated was the death of Ramsay Bolton. Even though we still regret a little Iwan Rheon and perfect smile psychopath , how Sansa announced his death and then left to be devoured by his dogs proved as cruel as satisfactory.
The best: the cannibal moment of Walder Frey
In the same vein we also have the revenge of Arya Stark that not only killed Walder Frey but left him eat his own offspring before it … Revenge is a dish best served cold as they say.
A name less on the list.
Season 6 Game of Thrones has been full of good times, some with a setting particularly impressive scene as the explosion of the Great Sept of Baelon, others because they were simply kick-ass as output Daenerys flames or leaving (finally!) to Westeros. But this year, we also had the right to the worst.
The worst: Hold the door!
Hodor’s death is to be in both categories since it’s a pretty amazing story which leads to a heartbreaking scene . We classify it even in the worst things of season 6 since Hodor was a faithful companion that we will miss – and to Bran also without doubt.
The worst: Dorne and her deep boredom
The Sand Snakes! The girls of the great Oberyn Martell! They were expected for some time and their arrival has clearly not lived up to expectations since their intrigues proved too disjointed qu’ennuyeuses . From Doran to Ellaria via Areo Hotah, all this was rather disappointing when we know the fascinating stories that take place in Dorne in the books of George RR Martin …
The worst: A girl in Braavos
The drive Arya was friendly and we are happy that it has paid off and that using revenge but we must admit we found it a bit long time Braavos and That the intrigue of the young Stark has been less followed than one would have liked.
In short, season 6 Game of Thrones – now available on DVD – showed us very good things and bad but turned out to be a rather successful season overall. Enough anyway to give us wait to see more and to attend may finally be the reconquest of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen by his army . While waiting to see this, we wish you all happy holidays! And you, what moments did you score in season 6 of Game of Thrones?
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