Game of Thrones Season 7: Will Hodor Return?

Cinema 9 April, 2017

Several weeks before the release of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, a new promo of the sequel evokes a possible return of Hodor.
Can Cersei become a White Walker and be killed by Jon Snow in Game of Thrones’ season 7 ? Will Hodor come back? Questions are not lacking on our favorite epic fantasy saga and while waiting for his return in July, we continue to speculate. Today it is to a beloved character of the fans that we are interested: Hodor. The gentle giant died in season 6 in order to protect Bran and his friends and we finally learned where his name came from and why he only knew how to repeat it. Although his death was unequivocal, a new promo for the sequel you can see below has aroused our curiosity . One can indeed see the different characters of the series in costume trying to reproduce the particular jingle of HBO . And among the characters present are Kristian Nairn in the guise of Hodor. Was the actor merely present when this teaser was shot or should we see more in his presence?
We know that the most “simple” way to bring the dead back into Game of Thrones is to turn them into a White Walker, but Krairan Nairn has already explained that he was not necessarily in favor of this idea . “Even if I would love to come back and play a White Walker, I think it would not be good. There are too many emotions related to Hodor’s death, I think it would ruin things a bit I’m sure they’ll find a very cool way to do it, but no matter what happens, it’s probably not going to end well … A Hodor zombie must not be beautiful to see ” . Given the intensity of Hodor’s death, One tends to think the same thing even if the return of the gentle giant under the guise of a White Walker who attacks Bran or his would obviously be a whole symbol and would offer us a scene as intense as difficult. While waiting to know if Hodor could come back in the future, we finally have the definitive answer on the death of Stannis in Game of Thrones. And you what do you think ?