Game of Thrones’: Sophie Turner promises a carnage unprecedented for the end of the series

Cinema 2 July, 2018






It is not known why there is talk of the series on this site, while it is well known that there is only one that one expects from a firm footing : the last season of Game of Thrones.

It is everywhere the same in fact, when you think about it. The best things are worth and, in the case of Game of Thrones, they deserve a long time. At the same time, if our impatience comes to our breaking point now, we can’t too much in wanting it to HBO. We prefer that they take calmly their time, rather they bâclent the final as the big dirty and that they want for the rest of our days.

We would like to have news more often, but hey we did with (or rather without). Fortunately, the young Sophie Turner offers us anything to wait a little more. And she knows how to make us feel like when she answers questions from Gold Derby about what we can expect in the final season :

“There will be even more dead than in all previous years.”


Sansa found Jon Snow in season 6


There, I said it, it’s going to be a big carnage. But she could not stop there and therefore clarifies his thinking for us to understand that we will all stand shocked for life.

“I can tell you that a lot of characters will finally meet. Each get to fight an impending death. There are a lot of tensions between these different groups who are fighting for what they believe to be just. It is Game of Thrones, so it’s going to be very bloody, more deadly and a lot more tortured emotionally as the years before.”


Daenerys (back)


In short, you will feel it go but it’s going to be the happiness bar. And she can’t help but give a small clue on the progression of her character, Sansa Stark, by the way :

“I’ve always seen Sansa something of a warrior that the others did not see. I’ve always thought that from a certain point in time, she learned and adapted to that in the end it really shows as it was and that it proves that she was a warrior. It is very satisfying when this occurs finally and I am very happy with the way his story ends.”

And come on, it is still a party for a good big impatience of the families until next April.


Winter is coming apparently