Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The 100 …: The series that made the most talk about them in 2016!

Cinema 24 December, 2016

2016 proved full of debates and discussions around the series and some more monopolized speech than others … We take stock!
Happy Holidays to all ! Between two big meals and a few Christmas films, we propose you to plunge into the universe of the series to make a small assessment of those that made the most talk about them this year. Controversy, bad buzz, buzz or good comeback, these are not the reasons lacking and this year more than ever, we realized how much the series were taking place in the media . So after we back on the best and worst of 2016 for The Walking Dead , is now up on The 100, Game of Thrones and all other series that marked the spirits.
And it is through The 100 we start since the series on The CW has created a bad buzz with the death of Lexa then of Lincoln in his third season . The lost ball taken by Lexa few minutes after she slept for the first time with Clarke echoed a phenomenon too often on TV called “bury your gay” / “bury your gay” . From there a movement was born so that the LGBT viewers can find in their series representations worthy of the name without the characters that resemble them die or disappear from the series for stupid reasons.
Who has not heard the name of Negan or Lucille in recent months? The second series have made about her is The Walking Dead, especially with infuriating cliffhanger that caused the frustration of many fans . By making us wait for months before knowing who was going to die under the blows of Negan, AMC has taken big risks which, mediaically speaking, have ended up paying. But AMC is not the only channel to have left us in the suspense since HBO had, a few months before, played on the fate of Jon Snow to the point of using his head in close-up on giant posters in Times Square and elsewhere. For months, we wondered if Jon would be resurrected or if Kit Harington were to leave the series and there are countless articles, videos and podcasts that have been made about him.
In the same branch, Westworld arrived on the center stage recently and not only for its comparisons with Game of Thrones . The new HBO series has packed and its strange stories intrigued the fans to the point of already making a reference only a few weeks after its release.
Another series phenomenon made talk about it not because it made controversy, but because millions of fans were delighted to find it on their small screens. After 9 years of pause, Gilmore Girls has made a comeback on Netflix for four special episodes each of which focused on a season . A poetic and sympathetic way of knowing what became the characters so beloved of the series signed Amy Sherman-Palladino. But Netflix has also offered us another success: the first season of Stranger Things which has been able to mark the spirits with its soundtrack, its vibes of the 80s and young talented actors.
In short, 2016 will be revealed full of surprises and good series but sometimes bad buzz which, admittedly, also help to move things or to boost the popularity – or at least the hearings – a series . At least one thing is certain, this television format has definitely imposed itself in popular culture and seems more and more inevitable to take a bit the temperature of the mentalities of today. While waiting to know what 2017 will bring, you can already discover the scenes of the series that most makes us cry in 2016 ! And what series have you heard the most about this year?
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