Ghost in the Shell: A concept art unveils how Margot Robbie would have embodied Major

Cinema 8 April, 2017

What if Major had been incarnated by Margot Robbie? A concept art imagines how the heroine would have been if the actress had had the role in place of Scarlett Johansson.
Even though it seems so Obvious today to see Scarlett Johansson assume the role of Major in Ghost in the Shell, the actress also seen as a challenge , remember that it was a time when the Pretenders rushed to the post. And Margot Robbie was one of them. The rest of the story, you know it: it is finally the interpreter of Lucy who got the headlining of the live action, adapting to the screen the manga of Masamune Shirow published at the end of the 80s. At melty, we were convinced by the actress. But we are not going to lie: we would be very curious to see how Margot Robbie would have endorsed the role of the Major if she had finally been chosen . However, our wish has been fulfilled:
One can admire the way Scarlett Johansson embodies a heroine in search of his past in Ghost in the Shell , it is clear that Margot Robbie could also be hyper badass in the role of Major. We will not often say that, but fortunately we were not in the direction of the film at the time when it was necessary to decide between the candidates, because we would have completely grieved to decide between the two actresses … If it is a Shortly to hope to see Margot Robbie embody Major, one can in any case let oneself imagine that the actress could, why not, join one day the franchise alongside Scarlett Johansson. Personally, It would make us well to see the two icons side by side on the poster of a science fiction film as crazy as this one! Does this art concept make you want to see Margot Robbie in a film like Ghost in the Shell?