Ghost in the Shell: A film with an unprecedented visual identity

Cinema 28 March, 2017

Ghost in the Shell is also a unique visual identity! Melty tells you how the movie might put your eyes on it.
Ghost in the Shell , in addition to the deep questions raised like that of Mind hacking , it is also a visual identity that risks to mark your spirit . In this futuristic cyberpunk Japan, mores have changed profoundly and the unmodified human being must make a place in the middle of the machines and other augmented. To offer this world rich in neon lights, holograms as advertisements projected on huge towers and other vehicles, the Ghost in the Shell team shot much of the film in New Zealand in state-of-the-art production trays built By Peter Jackson himself , the director behind The Lord of the Rings.
Chef-Decorator Jan Roelfs also put the package together with artistic director Richard L. Johnson and his team of 250 people . As much as to say that nothing was left to chance in the conception of the world of Ghost in the Shell, of which Scarlett Johansson wakes up in the skin of the Major in an extrait unpublished . Of course, despite the presence of computer terrorism and other government plots, the film’s producer acknowledges that the film offers “a futuristic world where one would like to live and where one can fulfill one’s dreams .