Ghost in the Shell: A surprising and visually impressive adventure, our critic

Cinema 28 March, 2017

The Major signs his return to the cinema under the guise of the talented Scarlett Johansson. So what is Ghost in the Shell?
Imagine a futuristic world, very close to us (in 2029) in which it is possible to hack a spirit or create a robotic envelope for a human brain? This world is that of Ghost in the Shell realized by Rupert Sander (already at the head of Blanche-Neige and the Hunter ). In the film, actress Scarlett Johansson plays the Major, leader of an anti-terrorist brigade named Section 9 whose goal is to track down a mysterious hacker who is both formidable and unobtainable. Through this quest, Rupert Sanders questions the viewer and the heroine on the place of Man in the middle of the machines as well as their quest for identity. And it is through this quest that the Major will face a large number of threats, She will not hesitate to confront during stylized action scenes and choreographed to perfection . Impossible not to be impressed by our heroine and its enhanced capabilities thanks to the technology developed by Doctor Ouélet (our national Juliette Binoche!).
For the occasion, the technical teams of Ghost in the Shell have created a film with an unprecedented visual identity . The film is endowed with an almost limitless imagination through its highly intelligent robots, its large futuristic buildings where enormous holograms are projected. The city moves constantly and Section 9 seems to know the slightest recesses (up to a box of Yakuzas that will give a scene of action rather nice). Music is also playing well with the resumption of the famous theme composed by Kenji Kawai during the introduction during which the Major is “created” . Rupert Sanders takes advantage of this scene to unveil the ”
As for the scenario, be prepared to be surprised : Ghost in the Shell is swarming with small turns of situation that will make you see the film from another angle! Under the powerful conspiracies that litter the story are questions about a future rather close to us and which give Ghost in the Shell a surprising depth . It’s simple, producer Michael Costigan describes the film as “a futuristic world where one would like to live and where one can fulfill one’s dreams” … but would we be willing to abandon our humanity for that? To get your own idea, you’ll have to discover Scarlett Johansson in the role of the Major, a heroine in search of her identity in Ghost In The Shell , in cinema tomorrow!