Ghost in the Shell: Motoko vs. Black Widow, which costume does Scarlett Johansson prefer?

Cinema 18 February, 2017

In Ghost in the Shell, Scarlett Johansson wears a very tight outfit, reminiscent of Black Widow. The actress has confided in the characteristics of her costume!
Motoko Kusanagi, as an orroid to fight terrorists, has (inevitably) the right to state-of-the-art equipment! And melty’s editorial does not just talk about his weapons and his gadgets, which allow him to deal with most situations. No, like some other super heroines, the Major wears a rather special outfit, as we saw in the recent trailer of Ghost in the Shell . Except that in fact – and that fans of the original works know it – Motoko spends a lot in time in the manga and in the animated films to be … half or even completely naked! Which is problematic when for a live adaptation. Fortunately for Scarlett Johansson, The feature film team managed to create a costume that completely covered it but still remained faithful to the atmosphere and design of the elements of the original works . The actress has also entrusted himself on this very tight-fitting outfit, which she compares with another costume of the same kind that she wears on another well-known franchise!
Scarlett Johansson, who recently responded to the controversy surrounding her role in Ghost in the Shell , gave some details about the clothes she donned for the film, saying: ” When I saw the animated film, I said to myself, ‘I’m obviously not naked. We all agree that I’m not naked, right?’ ” And we can understand indeed that this little detail gave the actress a few cool sweats! Finally, it is a fitting combination, able to reflect its environment, that Scarlett Johansson carries in the film . And between the latter and that of Black Widow, that she puts on the productions Marvel , the actress already knows which she prefers! ” This combination is easier to wear than Black Widow, and it is easier to fight with . “She admitted to the magazine and gave us some technical details to prove it.” Black Widow’s outfit is made of neoprene, and sometimes even leather – which is absolutely horrible. [Motoko’s] is made of a silicone-based material, so you can be shredded in it, but only the outfit suffers, not your body. I’ve slaughtered them all. . “At least we know therefore that Scarlett Johansson has given herself fully to play the role of Motoko! We will in any case very soon have the opportunity to detail its holding in the film on 29 mas. How Do you find Motoko’s outfit?