Ghost in the Shell: Plot, Evil … 3 things to know about the movie

Cinema 15 March, 2017

Ghost in the Shell will be released very soon on our screens. So between his intrigue and his villain and the themes he addresses, here are 3 things you need to know about the movie!
Go, more than two weeks before the release of Ghost in the Shell ! Since the time we talk about it, it is true that it will make us wait. If it first of all made him speak because of the polemic surrounding the choice of Scarlett Johansson to play the main character, the film has since been able to detach itself from all this. Today, if we talk about him, it is to evoke his extraordinary cyberpunk and futuristic atmosphere – but not too much – his cyborgs that put vaguely uncomfortable and his fascinating heroine, to which Scarlett Johansson, d ‘After what has been seen, succeeded in giving a true depth. It must be said that Motoko Kusanagi, alias the Major, is a complex character , As the actress was able to tell us in the featurette of Ghost in the Shell where she presents her role and reminds us of her very human dimension. In any case, the different trailers of the film put us water in the mouth and we are impatient to see what the end result may well give. And since we do not want you to embark on the adventure without having a minimum of cards in hand, melty unveils the three critical points that you must absolutely know about Ghost in the Shell before going to see it in the movies!
An intrigue in a futuristic world
A fascinating heroine is fantastic and you can not dream better. But it also needs a solid intrigue that goes with it! And luckily, Ghost in the Shell should not disappoint us at that level. On the surface, the film plunges us into a futuristic world, not so far from ours, where androids, cyborgs and artificial intelligences are common currencies. It follows the adventures – or rather the grim investigations – of Section 9, an anti-terrorist unit headed by the ruthless Daisuke Aramaki (Takeshi Kitano) and of which the Major is a part. And the Section this time has the task of arresting a certain Kuze, who decided to sow the bazaar in androids . That’s it, it’s for the central pitch. But Ghost in the Shell also tells the story of Motoko Kusanagi, who finds himself in a cybernetic body that is not his own and with memories that may not even belong to him. Then by chasing Kuze and trying to end her activities, it is also herself that Motoko tries to find . Knowing who we are, this is a question we all ask, right?
An ambiguous villain
Speaking of the wicked, precisely, who is he really? The main enemy of Section 9 is not here the Puppeteer or the Ginger, as one might have thought. No, it’s Kuze , which is played by Michael Pitt, which fans of Broadwalk Empire will easily recognize since he lent his traits to Jimmy Darmody in the first two seasons of the series. And he is not a cyber criminal like the others, far from it! In fact, as you may have seen in the latest Ghost in the Shell trailer , Kuze is also a cyborg who likes hacking in android programs to turn them against humans and sow chaos. But most of all, this villain seems to know a lot about the Major and his past. Does not he tell her that she is being used and that, far from having been saved by her transformation, she has actually become a prisoner of those who created her? So much to say that, for Motoko, the fight against Kuze is going to be very, very personal …
Very philosophical themes
As you can see, Ghost in the Shell talks about fairly philosophical themes, such as memory and identity. Through the character of Motoko, these are questions like ” What does it mean to be human? ” Or ” What makes me am me? ” That poses the film. But that’s not all ! For it also obviously covers a whole section concerning the evolution of technology. Already because it stages not only the androids but also cyborgs – beings therefore half humans half robots – who no longer distinguish the boundary between what is human in them and what is not more. And then there is of course a reflection on hacking , Which allows certain cyber-criminals to steal identity, even conscience, from people like Motoko. What show us that technology, if not controlled, can be manipulated and used against humanity at very intimate levels. And such a questioning, in an era like ours where hacking became commonplace, is finally very relevant! Will you see the movie?