Godzilla 2: A cult actor from Game of Thrones joins the casting

Cinema 19 May, 2017

Godzilla is well on the way to return in a second film! And the cast of it has just expanded with the arrival of a famous actor of Game of Thrones.
After sowing a monster chaos (without any pun intended) by confronting the MUTO in the film of Gareth Edwards in 2014, Godzilla left again to hibernate, quiet, in the depths of the seas. This does not mean that it will not surface in the years to come, quite the contrary ! As you can see from the post-generic scene of Kong: Skull Island , other monsters will appear and Godzilla intends to be a part of it again. He will return in 2019 in Godzilla 2 , a film on which we have so far almost no information except with regard to … his casting, which continues to grow. One should expect the return of certain characters like Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), But new protagonists will also be added to the list of the distribution of the film. And just now, melty can confirm you the participation in this Godzilla 2 of an actor that fans of the Game of Thrones series know very well!
And of course, it’s Charles Dance, which we saw recently in Underworld: Blood Wars, released on our screens a few weeks ago, and who was playing the terrible Tywin in the HBO series. As for knowing what role it will take exactly in Godzilla 2 , it remains a mystery. It is not only the one to be confirmed to the casting since the site Deadline also announced the return of Sally Hawkins, which interpreted the doctor Vivienne Graham in the first film. The two actors will then give a reply to Millie Bobby Brown , the star of Stranger Things , as well as to Vera Farmiga ( Bates Motel ) and Kyle Chandler, all of whom have been confirmed to the cast of the film. Short, It’s a beautiful three-star cast that Godzilla 2 offers ! It remains to be seen what other comedians will join the adventure in the coming months and in which roles. What other actors would you like to see in the film?