Godzilla 2: What to expect from this new movie?

Cinema 27 May, 2017

Yes, the release of Godzilla 2, it’s not for now! But nothing prevents us from imagining what can be expected of the film and its intrigue.
When Godzilla sank into the seas at the end of Gareth Edwards’ film, it was obviously believed that he would not be seen again for a moment. It was wrong to know the huge lizard, which Warner expects to bring back on the big screen in the coming years as part of its famous MonsterVerse! Especially after seeing Kong – Skull Island , we soon realized that the two giants were not the only creatures of this kind to evolve on our beautiful planet. So, it is not only that Godzilla and Kong will eventually cross each other at one time or another but they will also certainly face other monsters from the depths of the earth . And indeed, Godzilla will return well in the continuation of the film of Gareth Edwards, Whose casting is growing from week to week with the arrival of an actor of Stranger Things . So inevitably – and even if he does not land in our theaters before 2019 – we come to wonder what to expect from this Godzilla 2 .
And to give you a first idea of ​​the potential subject of the film, melty invites you to turn to … its title! And yes, Godzilla 2 should actually be called Godzilla: King of Monsters . If that’s not a sign of size! For it is necessary to remember the post-generic scene of Kong – Skull Island and its meaning . In this final sequence, we discovered some old photographs of Rodan, King Ghidorah and Mothra, three enormous kaiju who often had the opportunity to cross Godzilla during his various adventures on big and small screen. So much to tell you that we image well the MUTO which saved the world in 2014 to put the cover to face at least one of these three creatures . See the three at the same time, why not ! In any case, we know that this sequence should be even more spectacular than the first opus, which suggests that the fight between the monsters will be more violent and more destructive than those staged in the film of Gareth Edwards!
It should also be noted that Ford Brody, the hero of Godzilla played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, will not be back in the second film, having obviously given way to the character played by Millie Bobby Brown . And since, a priori , the young actress should not play an explosive expert or a scientist hyper fixed in the biology of MUTO, one can expect that his plot is more intimate than that of Brody, who was still in the The heart of the action . Although we are not immune to seeing her weave a strange relationship with Godzilla, as was the case for Mason (Brie Larson) and Kong in Kong – Skull Island ! For now and in the absence of any real clue about his plot, It is obviously difficult to know what Godzilla 2 could do for us. But there are ways to explore. And by 2019, we will clearly have time to do it! And what do you expect from the film?