Gray’s Anatomy: 10 secrets you did not know about the series!

Cinema 17 June, 2017

Season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy is still a long way off and in the meantime, stock up on your favorite medical series!
While waiting for the re-entry and to find Meredith Gray, Alex Karev and the others, melty continues to make you wait with new revelations on the medical drama of Shonda Rhimes. While we were revealing you there is little new information on the spin-off of Gray’s Anatomy , today it is the main series that is interested. After 13 seasons, it seems to know her by heart and yet, her creator Shonda Rhimes has still unveiled a lot of fun facts during a masterclass a few weeks ago. We propose you to discover the 10 most interesting infos that you may not know about the series . 1 : The original title of Gray ‘ S Anatomy was much more boat and less friendly since Shonda Rhimes wanted to call it “Surgeons” . She has changed her mind . 2 : Alex Karev was not part of the series, it was added after the pilot was shot, and we are happy because he is still there, 13 seasons later.
3 : At the base, all the Gray Sloan doctors had a bad habit, smoking like a firefighter for Meredith. Ew. 4 : Cristina should have had the intrigue of Izzie that she fell in love with a dying patient – Denny Duquette – whose father would make a big donation to the hospital. 5 : Derek was to have a teenage daughter who would have pushed him to agree to work at the Gray Sloan in Seattle. 6: Preston Burke was supposed to be already married, to have children and to feel imprisoned at his marriage. 7 : Meredith’s mother, Ellis, was originally named Helen Gray. 8 : Richard Webber was described at the beginning as a character “cold with his patients.
9 : The diversity of the cast comes from the simple rules of Shonda Rhimes. The showrunner explains that it is enough to take half of her characters and make them women, then to select a character who was ready to cast as a Caucasian and to choose instead of other origins. 10: Shonda Rhimes would have liked Gray’s Anatomy to take place in his hometown, Chicago, but changed his mind so that the series does not happen in the same city as the very popular Emergencies . That concludes our small list of friendly facts about the series waiting for news of the season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy! And you, do you know any other fun facts about Gray’s Anatomy?