Gray’s Anatomy: All the spin-offs of the series we’d like to see!

Cinema 18 May, 2017

A spin-off of Gray’s Anatomy has just been officially ordered by ABC! If we are delighted with the arrival of this new series, here are all the other spin-offs of the medical series that we would like to see!
Yesterday the good news was announced to you. The spin-off of Gray’s Anatomy will soon land! Indeed, the chain ABC has just order a show derived from the medical series. It will not be surgeons who will be honored but firemen. If this spin-off does not happen in a hospital, we will of course find the tone of Shonda Rhimes but also characters of Gray’s Anatomy during possible crossovers between the two series. The showrunner had initially thought of a series centered on the character of Owen . If that was a good idea, it would have meant that Kevin McKidd, the surgeon’s interpreter, would have left the Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital. If thanks to this new show about firemen will allow Shonda Rhimes to keep all the members of the cast on the mother series, one would not be against several shows derived from Gray’s Anatomy . The editing of melty returns on all the spin-offs of the series that we would like to see on our screens!
Stevens’s Anatomy
Nobody really recovered from the departure of Izzie Stevens! The young woman was dismissed from the surgical program of the hospital and we never heard of her again. So often rumors claim that Katherine Heigl will be back in Gray’s Anatomy , the actress deserves her own spin-off. It is known that Danielle, Denny Duquette’s sister, had initiated a plan of revenge against the surgeon in an attempt to rally to her cause all the patients Izzie had endangered. Can Alex’s ex-wife survive or will she ever have to face justice? This is a storyline that looks promising!
Cristina Yang in Zurich
Who does not dream of seeing Cristina come back in Gray’s Anatomy ? The fans have had a bad start to the Meredith BFF. And if Shonda Rhimes offered us a derivative series whose main characters would be the talented Cristina Yang, Preston Burke and Shane Ross? The cardiologist is still an integral part of Gray’s Anatomy although she does not appear on the screen. Seeing Meredith’s best friend juggle her responsibilities at the Zurich hospital and the two men of her life would be as fascinating as the character of Sandra Oh. Moreover, this would allow Cristiana to take a little more frequent flight to Seattle, hoping that its flights go without turbulence.
Calliope in the City
Here is another character we miss very much, the sparkling Callie Torres. The Arizona ex was one of the most funny characters in Gray’s Anatomy as well, a spin-off on the life of the orthopedic surgeon in New York would probably be captivating and addictive . If Penny Blake does not really miss us, nothing says that Callie is still in a relationship with her. The surgeon could find one of her great loves of youth or simply, play it Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City but within a hospital!
Young Ellis
The character of Ellis Gray has always been mysterious and very interesting. If we know the main lines of his life thanks to Meredith and Richard, we would like a show to come back in more detail on the life of Ellis. Like her daughter, the surgeon was talented and had a very eventful personal life. The atmosphere of the 80s, however, would make the show different from Gray’s Anatomy . Between institutional sexism and the widespread racism threatening to put an end to Ellis and Richard’s career before it started would be a very good starting point. This series could show the parallel between the time of the two doctors and ours. This show would have every chance.
Private Practice Revival
Amelia needs Addison around and we too ! Private Practice had immediately become one of our favorite shows and we would like to find all the doctors of Seaside Wellness especially now that Derek’s ex-wife must juggle between her life as a mother and her career. However, Addison ‘s interpreter , Kate Walsh, admitted that she would not return to Gray’s Anatomy and is now busy with 13 Reasons Why … Too bad! And you, what spin-off of Gray’s Anatomy would you like to see?