Gray’s Anatomy, Arrow, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf: Group 1 and 2 of the 2017 World Cup!

Cinema 19 June, 2017

That’s it, the World Cup Series 2017 edition is launched and you will be able to vote for your favorite series of groups 1 and 2!
On your marks, ready, vote ! Like all summers for a few years now, melty has launched the Series World Cup to see all your favorite series compete against each other until there is only one left. History of getting into the bath, we propose you to discover the eight series that make up groups 1 and 2 and that will be face to face in the first phase of elimination.
Group 1
Gray’s Anatomy and his team of unusual doctors will win the cup? It’s up to you to decide! Anyway, with Meredith Gray always on top, intrigues full of tensions and characters still endearing after 13 seasons, Gray’s Anatomy has all his chances.
Prison Break has made its big comeback on our small screens, but will it make a breakthrough entry into the World Series Cup? This is what we will know very soon! Michael Scofield and the whole band are calling on your votes not to be eliminated in the first round …
Arrow will also be part of the competition and we can trust the best archer in the DC universe to defend himself against all his valiant opponents. After 5 seasons on the CW, Arrow still gathers many fans then to your votes if you want to see it continue to the next step!
Orange is the New Black has offered us an incredible season that deserves to be mobilized for it. Piper, Taystee, Red, Lorna and the others have given us exciting and thrilling adventures and we can see that after 5 seasons, the Netflix series does not weaken! Will it be the same in the 2017 World Cup?
Group 2
Teen Wolf is about to say goodbye and what better way to pay tribute to Stiles, Derek and the others than to vote for them at the 2017 World Cup? Yes, after 6 exciting seasons for MTV , it’s soon time for the final series and you will not have many opportunities to prove your love for Teen Wolf!
Pretty Little Liars is also preparing to curtsey after 7 seasons of mysteries, so it’s an opportunity to show how Hanna, Emily, Spencer, Aria and the others are going to miss you! More than hoping that girls will do better in the 2017 World Cup than against the psychopaths who are working hard on them.
Agents of SHIELD is always there to fight Hydra but also against his other competitors. After a breathtaking 4 season full of twists and turns, what better proof of love to Coulson, Daisy and the others than to vote for them during the 2017 World Cup?
Luke Cage and his superhuman strength are also part of the competition this year. The Netflix series that mixes fiction and cruel reminders with reality has seduced many fans and it is up to you to show us how much you liked it by voting for it in the 2017 World Cup!
Here is the short tour of the series of groups 1 and 2 in competition in the 2017 World Cup! Do not hesitate to show all your love for Meredith Gray, Phil Coulson, Piper Chapman and others so they can get to the next stage and perhaps win the cup. So who are you going to vote for?