Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: 3 details you may have missed!

Cinema 7 June, 2017

Several months before the broadcast of season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy, back on what you may have missed season 13.
The return of the series is far away and TF1 does not help us by interrupting the broadcast of the season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy only a few episodes before the end. To help you wait more easily until season 14, you are invited to come back to 3 things you may have missed in the past season. Besides, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments what you yourself have retained of the episodes of season 13. The first thing we noticed is that it seems that Jo does not miss Alex . After nearly going to jail for Jo, the least we can say is that Alex seemed rather detached thereafter, despite his desire to meet Jo’s current husband.
Where their couple seemed to be moving forward, from moving in to marriage, this season 13 has shown us that Alex no longer made his couple a priority and we must admit that despite a limited presence, Jo did not Missed either. The second thing that seemed strange to us was the lack of reference to Callie Torres . For more than 10 years at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, Callie left for New York at the end of last season to stay with Penny. But with an ex-wife, a girl and many friends in Seattle, it is surprising that his name is not mentioned more often. One hopes in any case that it will make an appearance one day in the series, and with the possible departure of Eliza, one confesses to you that ”
Gray’s Anatomy season 13 episode 24, 13×24, season finale Till i Thirdly, there have been no new interns this season . Over the years, Gray’s Anatomy has introduced us more or less interns without necessarily making them endearing in the eyes of the public. Stephanie, Jo, Leah, Ben, Heather and Shane are the last ones who had the right to a real plot. In season 12, Hannah, Jason and Jessica are present but season 13 did not show any new. It must be said that we are always more passionate about the characters of the beginning of the series and their evolution and that the interns sometimes have difficulty to be integrated in the story. Patience, it will be necessary to wait a few months before knowing if new interns will land in season 14.