Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Back on the love triangles!

Cinema 21 May, 2017

Season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy has just come to an end and it is the perfect time to take stock of the love triangles that have taken place in recent months. Attention, tension in sight!
The Season Finale of Gray’s Anatomy Season 13 was broadcast on Thursday night on ABC . Shonda Rhimes has managed to seduce its fans. We were captivated from the beginning to the end of this episode 14. Stephanie left the series in beauty, a real heroine. In addition, Minnick was dismissed and we can say that this news has delighted us! She was one of the most hated characters of this season! Moreover, the writers of Gray’s Anatomy adore the love triangles and this season 13 of the medical show did not miss . There were a lot of people who 24 punctuated those episodes. Are you ready to go back on these romantic complications of Gray’s Anatomy season 13? So let’s go !
Meredith, Nathan, Maggie
Season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy started with this love triangle between the two sisters and Nathan. Meredith did all she could to put her feelings aside, but she could not. Between her and Nathan, it was never the right time and their relationship dragged on throughout the season, until they both found themselves on the plane. This episode allowed the two surgeons to get closer. In addition, Meredith decided to give her a chance despite Maggie’s feelings toward Nathan. However, hardly begun, their couple is already finished. Megan, the ex-fiancée of Nathan has returned in his life and it promises for the season 14 …
Jo, Alex and DeLuca
Jo has capsized Alex’s heart but also DeLuca, the two men who hate each other more than anything else. While Alex almost went to jail because of them, the two interns got closer. However, if DeLuca fell in love with Jo this is not the case of the young woman . On the other hand, the relationship between Alex and Jo was also at the bottom and this led to nothing. What will happen in season 14?
Maggie, April, Jackson
No one could have predicted this love triangle. Throughout the season, Maggie was in love with Nathan and in the last episodes she set her sights on Jackson. The fans are far from being delighted by this turnaround of situation knowing that in addition, April and Jackson had come closer. Everyone was hoping that the Japrilese couple would get together again, but it must be believed that the writers planned something else. Will they end up as a couple in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy ? We do not hope!
Meredith, Nathan, Megan
Let’s finish with the latest love triangle of the series and that does not announce anything good for Meredith. Is it really the end between her and Nathan in Gray’s Anatomy? While she had just left a chance to Nathan, Owen’s sister was found alive. What a shock for Dr. Riggs to learn that his ex-fiancée is alive and well. However, we do not know his state of health. Will she remember him? Who will choose Nathan? Meredith or Megan? Answer in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy! Which couple do you prefer?