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Riverdale: Episode 13, A New Murder, Our Critic of the Season Finale!

While Riverdale's episode 13 has just been aired on the CW, let's get back together about the highlights of "The Sweet Hereafter"!
It's already ...

12 May, 2017
The 100 season 4: Clarke and Niylah, an epic fight, an incredible final, actors tease the rest of the season

The 100 is back on The CW! If you're tired of waiting, here are the comments of the actors on the continuation of the season 4 gathered during the ...

15 April, 2017
The OA, The Walking Dead, Shameless US: Our Top Series of December 2016!

Want to know what series should not be missed in the last month? Discover without delay our Top Series of December 2016!
It's the last day of the ...

31 December, 2016
These cool series whose main character is ultra-chic

They were spinning the captain's armband when they had no charisma. Scandal.
Yes, the recipe is quite familiar to screenwriters, especially for ...

20 December, 2016