The 100: Back to square one, our record of season 4

Cinema 29 May, 2017

A few days after the broadcast of the season 4 of The 100, we propose to you to take stock of the intrigues and what has been retained.
After the last episode of the season and before discovering season 5 of The 100 whose first details have already been unveiled , it is time to return on season 4 to take stock. We invite you to share in the comments what you thought of these 13 episodes and what you remember. Obviously, watch out for spoilers if you have not seen all the episodes of the season. On our side, the overall opinion is rather satisfactory since Season 4 proved full of surprises and turnarounds. It can be considered that in the final minutes of the final season, the loop is closed: some 100 go up towards the Ark, Clarke is the Grounder and new prisoners are preparing to arrive on Earth .
But beyond this mixed end, Season 4 offered us very good episodes, including “Die All, Die Merrily” in which the 13 clans clashed in a conclave as bloody as exciting. By playing Octavia’s questions about his clan membership, the series has been consistent with his past while developing his character. The series seems to have repaired some of its mistakes by focusing a little more on the characters and making their development the starting point of intrigues rather than the reverse . We really appreciated the presence always marked of Roan, charismatic character and attaching in spite of its ambiguous role. And season 4 finally gave us a worthy redemption for Bellamy. Although more progressive and less forced than in season 3, the return of the young man on the right track was pleasant to see. Finally, we appreciated the inevitable questions raised by the behavior of Clarke whose moral has been somewhat undermined in some episodes – although it did not last long.
Obviously as in all series, The 100 also had its flaws, including the repetition of his overall plot. An apocalyptic threat, a return to space, experiences on the Grounders to survive, a life-saving bunker . So many elements already seen reused in this season and which have somewhat spoiled the innovative aspect of the series. We also regret the countless catastrophes that constantly fall on the characters without giving them a moment’s respite. This frenzied rhythm is undoubtedly necessary in view of the number of episodes per season, the needs of the plot and the universe of the series. But “pauses” Would allow characters and fans to breathe a little while discovering new facets of the characters to build more deeply their personalities and the dynamics that have developed between them. In short, it is a nice season that the writers have offered us and while waiting to see the continuation, discover which character was promoted regular for season 5 of The 100 ! And you, what did you think of season 4?