These cool series whose main character is ultra-chic

Cinema 20 December, 2016

They were spinning the captain’s armband when they had no charisma. Scandal.
Yes, the recipe is quite familiar to screenwriters, especially for comedies: plunge someone “normal” in the middle of a crazy universe to better highlight the discrepancy. Still, this central character could make a minimal effort to encourage empathy of the viewer , not an urge to make her skin. Like this beautiful skewer of cheerful heroes, in series that are inversely cool enough.
Meredith in “Gray’s Anatomy”
She annoys me every time she opens her mouth. Always complaining or overplaying the rare moments of happiness in her uninteresting little life. In each episode, I expect to see land or Dr. House Dr. Cox to drive it lower than low . I know, it’s unhealthy.
The only somewhat structured character in the family. So necessarily the most boring, even if the lamp head is also capable of big meltdowns (like ruining a bouncer for kid or get a tongue piercing in scred). Even his brothers got drunk by his egocentrism, as when the boycott in episode 6 of season 6: “If once we exclude you, it’s because you pump air we still need that There is only for you “. Amen.
Vincent Chase in “Entourage”
We can not take her off: Vince is super cool. A little too much even to the point of becoming meaningless . It is downright not care what happens to him saw that the man has only one reaction to his palette: “I tell you that doe, that’ll do it” . Sadly bland next to his brother, the sadly funny Johnny Drama, but also and especially next to the fantastic Ari Gold, the real star of the show.
Ted in “How I Met Your Mother”
Do not trust appearances: if Ted allows himself the luxury of speaking to the 1st person in the title as if the series belonged to him, in fact it is not. “How I Met” is the setting in which shines the dandy seductive Barney Stinson . Point bar. All that revolves around Barney is only incidental, even the funny sentimental life of his buddy Ted who ends up with a final episode to throw to the garbage.
Jack in “Lost”
Jack has as much charisma as the periwinkles that littered his rotten island. It even includes how Kate hesitated not much time between him and Sawyer wild . It seems that the creators wanted to kill him in the pilot episode, but they changed at the last moment so as not to rush the viewers. Like what, always rely on his first intuition.
Piper in “Orange is the New Black”
We capture the idea of ​​starting showrunners: caster a little white middle class and almost no stories in which the lambda viewer can identify and discover through her innocent eyes the joys of the zon-pri. If the approach made sense in the first season, it necessarily becomes obsolete the moment the framework is in place . We let go of Piper as soon as we discover the other characters of the series that are much more consistent and complex.
Eric Forman in “That ’70s Show”
The band “That’s 70s Show” has beautiful squatted the basement of Eric Forman, it not necessarily mean that the guy is at the center of the game . A bit like that childhood poet who was the only one to have a ball and whose friendship you scratched out of interest, when he was really naze on the field. This is Eric Forman, who is overflowing throughout the series by characters much more funny than him (Kelso, Hyde, Fez and his daron Red).
Leonard in “The Big Bang Theory”
If it was up to me, I would have fucked all the cast in the same basket. But it seems that it’s funny and it’s the most popular sitcom of the moment … Ennnnnnnnfin short, if he had to choose the symbol of this insipid show and not a caricature, my choice would invariably on Leonard person who turns out to be a mere sparring partner Sheldon. As for his relationship with Penny, we know full well that it will end on a happy-end. Rachel and Ross have done the same thing 12 years ago.
Elena in “The Vampire Diaries”
Why ? “Because everybody always sacrifices herself for her mouth, that everybody always falls in love with her and her magic pussy, that she does not know how to decide, and because she is not really fun. this is the basic heroin, nice too special girl who happens stuff, what the elected . in short it is boring like rain. Unlike his doppelganger Katherine (also played by Nina Dobrev), a Bad girl all in shades “. Signed an angry fan. Do you have other heroes or heroines that come to mind?