The OA, The Walking Dead, Shameless US: Our Top Series of December 2016!

Cinema 31 December, 2016

Want to know what series should not be missed in the last month? Discover without delay our Top Series of December 2016!
It’s the last day of the month – but also the last day of the year – we end up in the final Top 2016 Series! Certainly the month was not very rich in series since most of them were in hiatus, but we still had beautiful things that we wanted to highlight. Fortunately, next month will begin the series return, and you can also find the schedule for the 2017 series back on melty, to miss anything. But before you start thinking about 2017, it recalls the best moments of this serial December 2016, with our rankings:
8 – The Vampire Diaries
Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries has just completed his first chapter, which ended in a rather complicated for the different characters. Damon and Stefan are now the slaves of Cade and the latter had to extinguish his humanity in order to become Stefan the Ripper again. The end of this first part of the season offered us strong and melancholic scenes that are promising for the end of the series.
7 – The Flash
If we were somewhat disappointed by the giant crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow , the final mid-season The Flash has greatly boosted the level! By mixing the magical atmosphere of Christmas with the mysteries surrounding Dr. Alchemy and Savitar, the screenwriters offered us an episode rich in revelations and emotions. Barry will face a dilemma concerning Iris in the upcoming episodes. You can also find the video promo for episode 10 of season 3 of The Flash .
6 – Designated Survivor
Designated Survivor has had ups and downs in the last episodes that were broadcast on ABC, but we all agree that the final mid-season has largely lived up to our expectations. The plot has gained momentum and the tension was at the rendezvous, so much so we stayed glued to our screen to the last seconds of the episode . We really hope that the series will continue on this path and not embark in the traps of the genre, strongly following!
5 – The OA
The OA is the new series of sicence fiction Netflix, which is available on the site since Friday, 16 December. Riding the wave of Stranger Things, this series of Zal Batmanglij (The East) and Brit Marling (The East) – who also plays the main character of the show – the story of a young woman who returns seven years After its disappearance. Many mysteries surround his character and we are then transported into a very particular universe. If you are looking for a mysterious new to put you to the tooth, The OA is made for you, especially since the realization is very beautiful, which does not spoil anything.
4 – The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead deserves its place in our top series in December with two well-paced and well-run episodes. Carl’s stay at the Sanctuary and the way Negan took him under his wing proved quite fascinating and enabled us to discover a very interesting dynamic between the two characters. And the mid-season finale was up to our expectations by finally bringing together several groups of characters but especially by reviving hope, symbolized by the reunion as touching than expected between Rick and Daryl.
3 – This is Us
This month, This Is Us , the family drama of NBC continued to plunge into the exciting and touching stories of the Pearson family. The revelations continue to fall and fit perfectly into the story without this being forced. We particularly liked the Christmas episode because it brought together all the elements worthy of a good Christmas movie. Until the end, This is Us has been our favorite series of the end of the year and we are already looking forward to finding it in 2017!
2 – Shameless US
Season 7 Shameless US ended in style this year by offering us a bittersweet episode in which the Gallagher clan had to say goodbye to one of their own. In addition, we also had a passionate reunion between Ian and Mickey. Tenderness and emotions were at the rendezvous, not to mention completely crazy moments and offset as one Shameless is doing it. Season 7 Shameless US is the season of maturity to the Gallagher children, everyone seems to finally find his way and intrigues are always well written.
1 – Westworld
It’s Westworld which finishes on the top of the podium this month thanks to a particularly successful season finale that left fans in shock. Westworld is the series of events this year end 2016, which has created a unique and complex world for treating deep philosophical questions . In addition to being a series that makes us think, Westworld us entertained with episodes full of suspense and unexpected revelations. Unfortunately, it will now wait until 2018 to see the season 2 of Westworld. What is your top December 2016 series?