Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 13, War Rages in the Hospital, Our Critic

Cinema 17 February, 2017

Few hours after Episode 13 of Gray’s Anatomy 13, see our review!
Last night, ABC was broadcasting episode 13 of Gray’s Anatomy season 13 . Since the arrival of Eliza Minnick at the Gray Sloan Memorial, nothing is going well. Because Richard is often found on the sidelines, the incumbents have decided to support him. The problem is that their support has clearly turned into insubordination, which is a complicated thing to manage for Bailey and especially for Eliza Minnick. Indeed, the latter finds itself at the heart of conflicts, although its method of work seems to have proved its worth in the past . The residents are delighted this week: they can be the main surgeons each of their sides. But their bosses do not agree and make the task particularly complicated.
The death of the little boy is very difficult to live for Stephanie and to our surprise, for Minnick also. It will be learned later that this is the first time the young woman sees a child die in her block, which is shocking to her. The relationship between Arizona and Eliza continues to be developed. It is clearly not obvious to our heroine to find ourselves appreciating in spite of herself the one that everyone hates . We’ll see how it all goes on. One thing is for sure: if Eliza is hated by most surgeons, Bailey does not get very far behind. Her decisions are misunderstood within the hospital and one imagines that everything could end up turning against her. In any case,
Yes, April has shone this week and the poor finds herself alone against all. This is totally unfair, especially since even Jackson does not support her! However, she is not responsible for the situation in the hospital and we will not lie: the behavior of the holders is frankly pitiful. Loyalty is one thing, but it must not be at the expense of the well-being and health of the patients … In any case, this episode of Gray’s Anatomy was successful and we meet, You next week for the next. Meanwhile, find on melty the program of the week. What did you think of the episode?