Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 13, what’s going to happen?

Cinema 13 February, 2017

Three days before Episode 13 of Gray’s Anatomy season 13 is broadcast, let’s try to figure out what’s going to happen in “It Only Gets Much Worse”.
On Thursday night, episode 13 of season 13 Gray’s Anatomy will be broadcast on ABC and as many say it right away: since its return, the series sends very heavy. Yes, the meltynauts, it seems that the first part of the disappointing season has given place to more rhythmic episodes, more interesting and far less meaningless. But what does “It Only Gets Much Worse” reserve ? First of all, know that the war will rage between Minnick and the incumbents, which will begin to seriously annoy the interns. It must be said that the techniques that Eliza wants to teach are beneficial for apprentice surgeons and the fact that their bosses get in the way of their teaching does not give them any pleasure . And we understand them! But Arizona in all this? Our heroine is loyal to Richard, but with all the advances that Eliza makes him, we ask only to see how all this is going to unpin!
Last week, in episode 12 of Gray’s Anatomy season 13 , Meredith opposed Bailey and to assert her authority and show the surgeons that she wanted Eliza to work under the best conditions, The so-called “Nazi” decided to suspend Meredith. So, to replace it, Bailey chose April, a decision that clearly will not please his colleagues. We also saw in the video promo that Maggie will confront her, even going so far as to tell her that she is a traitor . April has grown up all these years and imagines that today the young woman is not going to let herself do. You go girl!
We also hope to see Meredith in this new episode! If our heroine is not in the hospital, it would make sense that she shares scenes with Amelia, also subscribing to the absent from the Gray Sloan Memorial since the final winter. Finally, we do not forget that Alex has recovered his work and it will be interesting to see how he will behave with all this business around Eliza . Will he be in opposition or will he agree to subordinate himself? Reply Thursday night in “It Only Gets Much Worse” on ABC ! What do you expect from the next episode?