Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 24, 3 things you really want to see in the Season Finale

Cinema 18 May, 2017

Attention, book your evening! ABC will broadcast Season Final of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy and do not miss it. Here are 3 things we absolutely want to see in this episode 24!
As time passes … It’s already Season Finale season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy . With the many intrigues and links between the characters, we have been captivated by these 23 episodes and we are convinced that episode 24 will hold many surprises for us. Besides, tonight, in this episode 24 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, everyone will be in danger and we fear the worst for our characters. Last week, Stephanie was kidnapped by a patient and trying to save her skin, she had blown up a part of the hospital. This evening in “Ring of Fire” , we will return to the heart of the plot and will have to discover who lost his life or not … What can we expect from the Season Final of the Shonda Rhimes medical show? Discover immediately the three things you really want to see tonight!
1. April and Jackson
Their love story made us dream, then we saw April and Jackson tearing each other apart. In this season 13, the young parents began to come closer and we were completely charmed by the episode 16 dedicated to them . Far from the Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital, the couple Japril found himself for the happiness of the fans. Unfortunately, since “Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?” , We did not see them together. Their story is stalled and one wonders why the screenwriters have left them aside. We hope that tonight, in the Season Finale, we will have scenes between April and Jackson and why not, see them together again!
2. Owen’s sister:
This plot had made her talk when Nathan arrived in Gray’s Anatomy . We did not understand the relationship Owen and Nathan had and why they hated each other so much. When we discovered the reasons for their misunderstanding, it was also a sad story that was unveiled. Owen’s sister, who was also the fiancée of Riggs, was missing after a helicopter flight and for many years allegedly dead. However, while Nathan was just getting closer to Meredith, his ex-fiancée was found alive. If Owen was completely disoriented, we are eager to see Meredith’s reaction to her boyfriend and especially her reunion with her. Does her return mean the end of the Merthan couple? Reply tonight …
3. What character will lose your life:
In each Season Finale of Gray’s Anatomy, characters die or disappear . Who will be the victim of Shonda Rhimes tonight? With the explosion that took place in episode 23, we immediately think of Stephanie, knowing that besides, she will not be present in season 14 of the show. However, if there is any chance of her losing her life tonight, would it be possible for other characters to be in danger? In Gray’s Anatomy everything is possible, even the most shocking deaths, so we are warned, we will have to remove the handkerchiefs! This Season Final of the season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy will upset us. Are you ready ? And you, what do you expect from the episode?