Gray’s Anatomy season 13: Good news for Owen and Amelia next week on TF1?

Cinema 13 April, 2017

Check out what’s in store for next season’s episodes of Gray’s Anatomy, which will air next week on TF1!
After two episodes of the season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy still very difficult for Alex Karev and the following does not promise to be much simpler for him, although it will not necessarily be in the heart of the plots diffused next week on TF1 . In episode 5, titled “The Good News,” Amelia, thinking to be already pregnant, will hesitate all day about how she should tell Owen. She will have conversations with different characters and we should know at the end of the episode whether Owelia is going to have a baby or not . We’ll stay in the theme of the babies with the plot of Owen who will decide to keep little Harriet all day. He will discover that it is not always easy to take care of a little bit.
On one side we will have Mamie June, a long-time patient of Bailey and who has been waiting for her new liver for years. And on the other side, a young woman in critical condition. Who will then inherit the liver? In episode 6, entitled “In the Hole ” , we will find Amelia in the grip of doubts while old demons will re-emerge. The results of the pregnancy test will have serious consequences on her character and the arrival in the emergency department of a difficult case will not help the situation. As for Bailey, she will again have to make a complicated decision about Alex Karev, especially under pressure from Catherine. What’s going to happen to Alex? Finally, A former character in the series will make his big comeback at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital and that will shock more than one . In your opinion, who can it be? While waiting to discover it, we suggest you read our review of episode 4 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy , on melty. What do you think ?