Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Jackson and April, should we really say farewell to the couple Japril?

Cinema 23 May, 2017

Maggie has feelings for Jackson and it would seem that it is reciprocal! Should we then say farewell to the couple Japril in Gray’s Anatomy?
Our favorite couples are in danger in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy! First of all, Megan, Riggs’ former girlfriend, is alive. This could be the end of Merthan . As for Arizona, she sees Eliza Minnick leave because the latter has been fired. But that’s not all ! It may be that one of the favorite couples in the series, Japril, never reconciles. Indeed, Jackson could soon find the love in the arms of Maggie! While the cardiologist had a big crush for Riggs, she gradually moved closer to April’s ex-husband. The two doctors shared intimate moments. However, the fans refused to consider them as potential couples. For the aficionados of Gray’s Anatomy , Jackson and Maggie simply had a brother / sister relationship. But what nenni! April herself understood what was going on and even gave her blessing to Maggie in the Season Finale of Gray’s Anatomy season 13 . Does that mean that we really have to say goodbye to Japril?
Shonda Rhimes began to sow seeds about a possible romance between Maggie and Jackson for some time . However, this relationship has never really been appreciated. Recently, you were told that fans were angry about Japril’s absence in Gray’s Anatomy, although they had had a hot reunion in Montana but since … nothing … nada! Shonda Rhimes probably wished to show that if Jackson starts to develop feelings for Maggie, he has not forgotten April. The showrunner wanted fans to speculate about this possible love triangle. If Maggie obviously has feelings for Jackson, that does not mean that he does not want to be with April. Moreover, Harriet’s mother seems always in love with her ex-husband. Love stories are always complicated in Gray’s Anatomy . Jackson could be the ” stupidity ” that Diane had advised Maggie to allow herself to finally have fun. As for the cardiologist, she could just help Jackson understand that he wants to be with April. Remember, Lexie was out with Jackson but soon realized she wanted to be with Mark. This time, it is the plastic surgeon who could end up in the same position as his ex-girlfriend. It is hoped, however, that if the Japril couple recovers together, he will not experience a tragedy as tragic as Lexie and Mark. And should you say farewell to the couple Japril in season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy?