Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Maggie and Jackson as a couple, what do fans think?

Cinema 16 April, 2017

If until now Maggie and Jackson were like brother and sister in Gray’s Anatomy season 13, it would seem that their relationship evolves into a love story. But what do fans think?
In two weeks, in episode 21 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, Maggie will discover the truth about Meredith and Nathan. The cardiologist will obviously not be pleased to find that her sister and her crush have gotten much closer. However, for some time, Maggie is approaching another doctor. Indeed, the young woman and Jackson spend more and more time together and are increasingly accomplices in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy. Is there love in the air between the cardiologist and the plastic surgeon? Possible! The series seems to have fun playing with the ambiguity of the relationship of Maggie and Jackson. The two doctors are almost brother and sister since Richard, the father of the cardiologist, and Catherine, mother of the ex of April, are married.
Maggie and Jackson are actually almost brother and sister so fans are not really enthusiastic about the idea of ​​their romantic rapprochement to incestuous character in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy. One thing is for sure, this ambiguous relationship between the two doctors has caused much reaction on social networks and it would seem that mostly the aficionados of Gray’s Anatomy are not for a love story between Maggie and Jackson although the marriage of their ” Parents “bat of the wing. In addition, many fans of the series still hope that Jackson and April will be reconciled once and for all. Shonda Rhimes will continue on this path? It will be necessary to wait until Thursday April 27th to know more! Waiting, (Re) discover our review of episode 20 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy. And do you think Maggie and Jackson will be a couple in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy?